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Letters from Mexico

Letters from Mexico --- Stan Gotlieb

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Stan and Diane

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This page contains many letters from Oaxaca in southern Mexico. They describe the current political, economic and cultural state of Mexico as seen by a Gringo commentator.

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The Oaxaca Newsletter, a bimonthly publication, sent to you by Email. Concentrating on southern Mexico, and combining socio-political insights with humor, travel advisories, and nuts-and-bolts information, the Oaxaca Newsletter is available by subscription only (20 issues for $25.00).
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Attention Oaxaca Travelers

Looking for information on housing, hotels, language schools, restaurants, arts and crafts, food, bus routes, tourist attractions, internet connections, culture, entertainment and travel in Oaxaca? Attend one of Stan's twice-weekly seminars for tourists and new arrivals. For more information, check out Stan's Orientation To Oaxaca announcement.

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If you have comments or suggestions for Stan, you can contact him at:
stan@mexconnect.com (Stan Gotlieb)

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