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Roger Davidson

Hello and Welcome to Teen Movie Critic. I am seventeen years old. I've been doing this page for almost two years now and the response I've gotten from you in this brief period of time has been overwhelming. Besides having over a million people read my reviews, I've gotten to talk to personalities like Roger Ebert, R. L. Stine (writer of the acclaimed Goosebumps series) and Christina Ricci. In May of 1996, I had the good fortune of meeting John Singleton. Here's a little something about my background and upbringing.

I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I have been fanatically interested in movies since I was very young. My parents are home-schooling me. This year, besides my pages on the Net, I haved learned kick-boxing and I have become interested in film studies. My science studies are mostly nature, which I learn about by reading books and watching educational television.

I give reviews and give my own personal criticism on what is bad, okay, good or excellent. I used to do this mainly for teenagers, but I've gotten attention from young children and adults as well as teens. So, now I do this basically for everybody!

Now, listen up. These are my criticisms. If you don't like them, then you don't have to continue reading this page. I also have a rating system to show what movies you might be interested in, or, ones you should stay as far away from as possible. I will do a review every day, but it will not necessarily include movies in theaters, since I can't afford to go that often. I'd also like to point out that when I do see movies in theaters, I get them out a little later, sometimes long after the release date. To those of you who have complained about this, I'M NOT SISKEL & EBERT. Like you, I may not go to the movies until weeks after the film has been released. I don't get preview copies, so I don't get to review them before the movie is released.

One other thing. I don't put ratings for films like R, PG, etc. for personal reasons. For those of you who asked to put the ratings with the films, I'm sorry, but I won't do that. The reason is that I just don't believe that some movies deserve the ratings they get and I feel that the M.P.P.A. is very biased in how they rate movies. But enough about that. Let's go on with the show!

Here is a new feature you will really appreciate. We have gathered a list of most of the video rental outlets in the U.S. and they are on line for your convenience. Wherever you see the icon you can click on it and you will be given a way to find video rental stores stores nearest to you, along with their addresses and phone numbers. Take a look...

This extra addition I think you'll really enjoy. Each week I will feature a different director, discussing his or her life and body of film work. I call it Director of the Week.

About two years ago I started a popular feature about my siblings. Since many people ask me about my personal life, I thought I would fill you in on one aspect of it. I am the youngest of 15 children my parents share. I have 10 sisters and 4 brothers, all older than I. The first one I featured was my sister Miranda, who is a figure skater and model. She turned 19 just last year and is the closest sibling to me in age. In the following months, I have gone up the age ladder, one sibling at a time. I've introduced some of you to my next oldest sister, Jennifer (The Younger). In recent times, I've featured my brothers, Jubal and Robin (the Man), as well as my other sisters, Lisa, Gabrielle and Valerie. In December, I added my older brother Casey, the first of my brothers or sisters to grow up and leave home while I was ju st a baby. In January, 1997, my older sister Jennifer became part of the site. In March, my oldest brother John was added..

Here are some of the features on my site in addition to the reviews of the week.

To write Roger about this site,
contact rdj1138@hotmail.com (Roger Davidson)

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