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July 15, 1996

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Caille Millner is 17 years old. She is the Eye Teen Reviewer for the San Jose Mercury News. She has also been published in The San Francisco Examiner, Raconteur magazine, and West magazine of The San Jose Mercury News. She lives in San Jose with her brother and these two parents she found one day.

Now, here is Caille Millner's review:

The American President

As I sat watching The American President, possibly the sweetest movie ever made about Capitol Hill, I started thinking about the real upcoming elections. And I realized something-- The American President is about Election 96--only it's a surreal spin on it, the way America wishes its government would behave. A President as compassionate and good-hearted as Andrew Shepard (Michael Douglas), whose only sin is that he dared to fall in love with a compassionate, good-hearted environmental lobbyist named Sydney Allen Wade (Annette Bening) during an election year? A compassionate, good-hearted presidential staff (including Michael J. Fox in the pesky George Stephenopolus role) concerned only with the well being of their president and country? Only in the movies, folks.

Still, it's a nice dream, and The American President is a nice movie, the kind that makes you sigh with happiness over how, well, nice love can be. Michael Douglas is the last person I would have voted for as president, but he does a fine job, managing to be tough and tender at the same time. Annette Bening simply glows as Sydney, and she has a feisty, satisfying repetoire with Douglas. Yes, everything about this movie is peachy. Even a stab at conflict, with the introduction of a mud-slinging Presidential opponent, can't damper the sweetness of this film. Now let's just hope some of that kindness can rub off on this year's real campaign.

My Rating = Three Stars

Caille can be reached directly at A HREF=mailto:CailleM@aol.com>CailleM@aol.com,
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