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Lisa is a sister I admire, because she took care of me during my early years. She was more than a sister to me at the time. She was a mother who cared a lot about me. She is now married to husband Bill and they have brought three of my favorite nieces into the world. Their names are Gabrielle, Laura and Racquel. Lisa and her family lived in Florida for a while, but things got kinda rough down there. Recently, Lisa has returned to Minnesota with her husband and kids. So far, they seem to be enjoying their new home. Especially the kids, who had never seen snow before they moved up here.

She is also a great organizer and very smart. She knows how to get things done. Our mom says that one of the finest qualities she has is that when she gives her word she always keeps it. She knows how to cooperate as well as taking on leadership positions. She and Bill are great parents, who nurture their children with intelligence and love.

These are the basic reasons for why I love her so much.

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