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Since going on the World Wide Web, Roger has received hundreds of letters from fans and "not so supportative" writers. We have reprinted below some of his letters and, in some cases, Roger's response.

Most of Roger's mail consists of suggestions of movies to review and criticisms of a rating he has given to a particular movie. While he reads and pays attention to every letter he gets, he doesn't usually respond directly to letters criticizing his reviews or suggesting movies to review.

We will continue to reprint interesting email that Roger receives in the future.

The letters are arranged in date order, newest first.

May 2, 1997

I am a senior in high school and I just finished reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest. The adaption from book to movie is NOT "extremely good" as you stated. If you read the book you would understand why even Ken Kesey trashed it. Again the adaptation just sucks!

Luis Roig

April 26, 1997

I can't believe you gave Encino Man 2 stars. I would have have it 1 star or maybe a half. It had the bad acting! It was lo-budget and dumn story line. Tell me, how many times have you seen this kind of movie where there is a perfectly preserved ancient ICE guy that wakes up to find himself in modern times. One of the worst kind of movies is when it has been done over and over- but the newer versions have nothing different or special! Plus, there is Pauly Shore in it!!!!, that automaticaly implies that this is a dumb movie for idiots! So please reconsider before you gives movies with the above criteria two stars.

And secondly, the Ten Comandments was an excellent movie, one of the best of all time. The beutiful cinematics and color, it is superb, absolutely wonderful. And it has A STORY BEHIND IT!

Keran Rafailov

April 25, 1997

You are exactly right about Liar, Liar. Finally Jim Carrey does not play a character who is a complete moron. The Cable Guy was a terrible waste of time and energy. Basically the days of Carrey playing a moron has gotten old. Although he went to extremes at some points in the movie Carrey did not go to far over the edge. The only other movie by Carrey I really like is Dumb and Dumber. Playing an idiot is what he does best and Carrey was in his prime in Dumb and Dumber. Also Lauren Holly and Jeff Daniels were good co-stars. The Ace movies were tolerable. Cable Guy was sickening (except for the basketball game scene) and Liar, Liar was a really great rebound. Thanks for listening.

Aaron Gravil

November 24, 1996

I am writing in response to Katie's Letter to The Editor on July 10, 1996. I am also writing in coorespondance to Sadi's Letter to the Editor, which was also in reply to Katie.

I, unlike Sadi, am heterosexual. But unlike Katie, my sexuality does not make me as one-sided as herself. She obviously managed to insult Sadi, but her words were extremely dissapointing to me, as well. It was more than what she said, but how she said it, that upset me. Her wording was harsh, and over-generalized. Overall, her letter was far too short to state such powerful opinions without thouroughly backing them up. It seemed to me that she was writing things without thinking how uneducated, ignorant, and racist she sounded. OR if it was making any sense at all.

She said that she was glad that for once, an organization has stood up for what they believe. So, does organizations NOT include the Lesbian and Gay Alliance, or are they a cult? They too, are speaking up for what they believe in. I guess since it doesn't happen to be in what SHE believes in, then that makes it "far out twisted views". What gives anyone the right to decide what views are far out, or twisted? To each their own.

There are going to be different ideas, concepts, values, and lifestyles that certain people aren't used to, but others live by. As an individual, we do not have to follow them, or accept them into our life. But, is it so hard to accept the people that do? And do we have to insult their way of life, and hurt their feelings? Part of our lives is finding out what is right for OURSELVES, not dictating what is right for EVERYONE. We were put on this world to live together. Why spend that time hating what others do, and trying to control different people? I say we spend more time trying to love different people, and control ourselves.


October 22, 1996

In defense of Bette Midler and her superb performance in The First Wives Club: You are off the mark. She delivered some of the funniest lines in the film. Such as when her questioning of Goldie Hahn about her celluloid inflated lips or just about any other part of the film with Midler...one of my favorite actors. So, there!

Abby Beddall

August 15, 1996

I'm writing in reply to Katie's Letter to the Editor on July 10, 1996. She raises a lot of issues to which I would like to respond. I have a lot to say, so bear with me.

Editor's note: With apologies to Ms. Malloy, her letter has been shortened considerably for publication. We hope that we have not altered any of her main points.

First of all, I am bisexual...(and)... I have a vested interest in how people view homosexuality and gay pride. As for whether Disney should address homosexuality, I don't know about that. Some argue that kids aren't old enough to understand these things, and therefore shouldn't be told about them. I am of the opinion that kids hear about the gay lifestyle plenty, on the playground, on the school bus, at home, on TV. They hear words like fag, butt-buddies, and other degrading language. They learn that "homosexual" or "gay" is an insult. I personally am pleased every time I see a positive image of homosexuality to counter all the negative reinforcement. And for kids who know at a young age that they're "different" these positive images can be very comforting.

I think her jumping to conclusions about me and my lifestyle when she doesn't know anything about me is a dangerous thing, both to her and to me. It is dangerous to (her) because she will teach her children that attitude "if it is different, it is probably bad." We're in a world where there is a lot of "different" now, and her children will not be equipped to deal with differences effectively. It is dangerous to me because Katie has learned this attitude from others, probably parents and elders. Those parents and elders are the people who might (or might not) hire me.

Another thing: I simply cannot understand how allowing two people who love each other and want to pledge their faith and devotion in front of friends, family, and God could degrade the importance of marriage. Isn't that what marriage is all about? Love, honor, devotion, loyalty, and family? To me, two people who have fought to be together and pledge their love together seem more likely to stay together and be happy staying together.

... the fact that Katie lumps homosexuality with child abusers infuriates me. Yes, there are dirty old men in the gay community. Guess what? There are dirty old men in the heterosexual community too. As for Southern Baptists calling Disney's bluff, I am assuming that Katie means Disney is promoting homosexuality and child abusers. If she calls Disney's gay theme day promoting homosexuality, that's her opinion. I don't. To me, promoting homosexuality is having homosexual characters, storylines, distributing pamphlets, etc...anything active and involved is promotion to me. However, I'm sure Katie and I wouldn't see eye to eye easily on this. But maintaining in print that Disney supports child abuse is libel. How an organization designed to entertain and amaze children of all ages all over the world can be accused of supporting child abuse is beyond me.

Finally, if you are "sad that it is ok in our society to encourage far out twisted views to be voiced," and I am not allowed to debate points I disagree with, then what's the point of that whole freedom of speech mumbo-jumbo?

Feel free to e-mail me opinions and thoughts on my comments (e-mail me at sadi@nwu.edu).

Sadi Malloy

July 11, 1996

You were certainly right about "Showgirls" It is sex discrimination. The reason why I watched the movie and checked your review on this movie is because my boyfriend was talking about it and I wanted to see what it was like. Obviously I am very PISSED OFF AT HIM! To all you dicks who enjoyed this perverted bullshit it violates women but obviouly you don't care.

Hugs and Kisses,


P.S. Thanks for writing such a wonderfull article.

July 10, 1996

I am shocked by your review of "Independence Day," in which you give it four stars. I'm also shocked that you even liked the film, which is a unexciting, unimaginitive, visually ugly mess in all the same ways as "Stargate." When was there an exciting moment in the film? Take the escape from the mother ship which looked like it was filmed in slow motion. The much-hyped special effects were dreadful. The big ships were so poorly done and edited into the film that they looked like ink smudges at the top of the screen, the aliens were scarier in films by Scott, Cameron, Fincher, and McTiernan; and the fighter space crafts, flown by terrible aims, just zipped around in circles in the final attack scene as a failed attempt by the filmmakers to create the illusion of a battle. Plus, the action scenes are attrociously edited and filmed, making it impossible to become involved in them enough to be excited. Jeff Goldblum, the star of the greatet film in this genre the 1978 "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," shoul d have known better than to work with Emmerich and Devlin, whose specialty, it seems, is to cause big hype and anticipation, a sign that the American people want exciting, ORIGINAL, science fiction films (I keep hearing people saying that they want a movie to equal "Star Wars," but this sure ain't the film). I think you should take another look at the film and maybe then you'll see all the unforgivable laps in intelligent screenwriting and filmmaking that this film displays.

I hope you don't think I'm being rude. It's just that I care about film and I think this is the type of movie that is destroying that art form in America. People like Emmerich and Devlin must be stopped.


John Demetry

July 10, 1996

Hey... go easy on us Baptists. I like most Disney movies, it's just Disney's corporate policies. Disney used to a sqeaky clean outfit... They still try to sell their products with the "wholesome moral family" approach. I just think that giving homosexuals the same priviledges as married couples degrades the importance of marriage. (I think that this hit home most after my wedding. Living with someone of the same or opposite sex is revolting after you stand infront of the alter infront of the person you love most in the entire world and do so in the eyes of God).

Southern Baptists are simply standing up and calling Disney's Bluff. If you want to sell products with their approaches, their company policies better fit the image they want to portray. Child abusers and homosexuality do not fit with the hype.

I am just glad that for once an organization has stood up and spoken out for what they believe in. I am just sad that it is ok in our society to encourage far out twisted views to be voiced and to attack more moderate groups when they try to express themselves.


July 10, 1996

I was quite pleased with your review on The Hunchback of Notre Dame... I couldn't agree with you more. As a Disney animation fanatic I highly agree that it was one of the best Disney films ever. I do also agree that this was more or less aimed toward an older audience. I never really thought little kids got Disney movies...all they see is the characters (and not to mention the merchandise) they dont really get the whole gist of the story....thanx for the great review..keep up the good work!

Sarah Walinski

age 14

January 27, 1996

Funny thing..I just happened to be surfing the Net when I came upon your page. I guess you could say that at age sixteen I too am somewhat "involved" in the movie business. Anyway, try to picture this..sixteen year old me runs a cross your "teen" movie reviews, which I found pretty entertaining untill I came across of your review of the movie CASPER.

Now, don't get me wrong.. I could accept critisizm as well as the next person but to say that casper was a movie basically sucked, is VERY uncool especially for me - I happen to know that the whole cast worked really hard to come out with what we did, which in my opinion was a good storyline, an entertaining movie, and a somewhat heartwarming flic-that can be enjoyed by more than the majority of ten-year-olds in this world.

But thats just MY opinion..What would I know?


-Christina Ricci
Upper Montclair, N.J.

Roger replies:
Thank you for your criticism. Yes, I've already figured out who you are and your criticism is rather important too me, good or bad. To be honest with you, I know exactly how you feel about criticism. I get lots of letters saying I'm a stupid young punk, who doesn't know a good movie if it hit me in the face. Believe me, I'm not exactly thrilled when someone tells me I suck. So I understand where you're coming from. I understand that you, Bill Pullman, Cathy Moriarty and the rest of the cast and crew worked hard on it. But it still doesn't change my feelings toward the film itself. Also, I didn't think it "sucked". I just thought it needed some work in the script department. But I thought you and Pullman, despite the script, did some great acting.


January 17, 1996

Hello Roger, I've read some of our reviews and to translate a norwegian expression into English, taste is like your arse - divided. In short, some of what you write I think is utter bullocks and some is more the way I like it. Of course, in most cases I could see what you mean, even if I didn't share your opinion and thus is the way of life. I'm not going to hate you for that as I duly belive that if everyone shared my opinion on things, the world would be a much more horrible place to live. So, continue to write what you feel about the movies you watch.

But, when I read your review on Judge Dredd you made some serious mistakes that I simply had to mention to you. You see Judge Dredd is one of my favorite comics, and I got the impression that you haven't read much of it, if any. Am I right? You see, you slaughter the movie on the dialog, but that is the whole point. Judge Dredd NEVER says anything more than "I am the law" and "everyone is guilty of something". Almost all of the characters in the film, expect for Judge Dredds sidekick which was brought in for the american audience, are from the comics. Including Judge Fargo, Judge MacGrouder and Mean Machine Angel (and the rest of the Angel family). It's like wathcing Batman movies, they suck unless you've read some Batman stories - and everyone has. Judge Dredd on the other hand??? Lets face it, not that many have read it outside Britain (the magazines you see during the opening of the movie are from the British magazines), and not that many actually knows it's a parady of (mainly the american) society. Judge Dredd also is the law, no exeption. He is more machine than human in his behavior, and this is not bad acting on Stallones part, but the way it's supposed to be.

Of course, you may now wonder why on earth I bother telling you all this. It's not to make you change your entry on Judge Dredd. I think the movie was fun, but not great. It's entertainment. And as I said, everyone should be allowed to have their opinion on things. I'm not going to tell everybody how to run their lives or anything. What I am trying to tell you here is that because you didn't have enought background information of what you where writing about you made a blunder, and a big one as well. Luckyly not that many people will notice, nor will most people who do bother to tell you. But now you know!


January 12, 1996

I think you would love UCLA. You should check it out then go over to USC also. Both good schools, but each has individual reps. UCLA is more art-oriented while USC is the commercial school. In LA everything film oriented is geared towards commercial filmmaking. As an individual it is up to you to find the art. As a person who truly enjoys cinema I think you have a jump on ninety percent of the people attending those schools. What grade are you now in high school?

John (Singleton)

Roger replies:
Thanks for writing back. I'm in 11th grade and I will finish up school next year. To be honest, I'm thinking of going to UCLA, but I've got to check it out first to see if it's as great as everyone says it is. By the way, if you're ever in Minneapolis sometime, write me and maybe we can meet.


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