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LOS ANGELES TIMES PICK This site was awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times on January 20, 1999.

ACEKids Cool Link for Kids Award ACEKids Cool Link for Kids Award

Digby's Four-Paws Award Teen Movie Critic is Digby's choice of the week for the week of March 2, 1997. Check out his site, Just for Kids.

You can now also find Roger's reviews at the Movie Match site along with those of five other critics, one each weekday. Click here to go directly to Roger's pages.

Reviewed by ZIA http://www.zia.com and found to be family friendly.



Dear Roger,

Thanks so much for asking to speak with me in person. I always enjoy meeting with young people from all over our country and hearing their thoughts and concerns about America and the world. Unfortunately, because of the many demands on my time, I am unable to meet with you now. Maybe sometime we will have an opportunity to visit.

I encourage you to continue setting high goals for the future. By working hard in school and standing up for your beliefs, you are preparing for the time when your generation will be leading America in the 21st century.

Best wishes for every future success.


Click here to see article from the May 27th issue of People magazine.

Editor's note: Roger got a chance to meet and visit with director John Singleton (Boyz N the Hood and Higher Learning) during a trip to Los Angeles and Hollywood. Check out the story and picture at the top of the movie review page for the week of May 27, 1996.
Congratulations, your page (Teen Movie Critic) has been selected by Hit The Beach! as the Wave of the Day for June 22, 1996. Our url is:


Click here to see article from the March 19th issue of USA Today.

On March 11, 1996, Teen Movie Critic was awarded the ThumbsUp Award by the Teenagers Circle.

ThumbsUp is awarded to extraordinary websites which are created for kids/teenagers and created by kids/teenagers. What makes them so unique is that they, the reviewers ourselves, are kids and teenagers!

On Sunday, Oct 22, http://csurfer.clever.net CyberSurfer Magazine notifed Roger that his site would be featured as part of their "Film on the Net" feature in CyberSurfer magazine #4.

Click here to see an early Star Tribune Interview.

On Saturday, July 8, Starting Point, a listing service, chose Roger to appear as "Today's Featured Hotsite," to appear July 24.

Live T.V.

On Friday, July 21st, Roger made his first ever T.V. appearance on a show called Almanac (see picture below). You can bet he was plenty nervous, but got through a live review of Apollo 13 without much difficulty. It was short but sweet!

Live Radio

On Thursday, July 27th, Roger made his talk radio debut at KSTP talk radio in Minneapolis. The very first caller turned out to Roger Ebert, of Siskel and Ebert fame. He had read about Roger Davidson in the Star Tribune and wanted to sell his new book as well. When we get the tapes, we will publish excerpts from that memorable evening.

On Saturday, July 29th, Roger partcipated in a panel discussion about science fiction movies on KFAI, Fresh Air Radio, in Minneapolis.

Made Top 5% List on Point's Top Sites List

To write Roger about this page or anything else,
contact rdj1138@hotmail.com (Roger Davidson)
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