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Ben Hasler

February 3, 1997

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Ben Hasler is a senior at Canterbury Highschool in Fort Wayne, Indiana (home of the Sundance '97 hit "In the Company of Men"). He's waiting to hear from the film departments at USC and Emerson. Ben currently presides over his school's Film Society and the newspaper's Entertainment Page and is active in community theater. He is currently obsessed with anything to do with David Lynch and techno-musician Moby.

Now here's Ben Hasler's review:

The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996)

One of those rare movies that is brilliant on every level. The always-amazing Milos Forman directed this bio-pic which chronicles the circus-like battles that Larry Flynt, publisher of raunchy Hustler magazine, waged over his First Amendment right to publish filth.

Woody Harrelson finally proves that he is an extremely talented actor. Harrelson was not faced with an easy task: making Larry Flynt a likable, or at least an endurable, guy. He more than succeeds. Near the end of the movie Larry Flynt, Americaís pimp, faces off with the Rev. Jerry Falwell, one of the most respected religious leaders in America. Without a doubt everyone is rooting for Larry, thanks to Woody humanizing performance that was, dare I say it, moving. The other killer performance in this film was Courtney Loveís raw and brutally true depiction of Flyntís doomed wife, Althea Leasure. You watch Love convincingly go from carefree nympho to tweaked out junkie in a part that should, but wonít, be honored on Oscar night. Rounding out the cast is Edward Norton (Primal Fear), as Flyntís lawyer. Norton has gotten little attention for his role in Larry Flynt which is a shame, because he gives a superbly understated performance as the Flyntís lawyer and friend. Raunchy, crass, vulgar, hilari ous, rousing, dramatic, and utterly spellbinding, The People vs. Larry Flynt is a truly rare cinematic gem.

My Rating = Four Stars

Ben Hasler can be reached directly at Lynchhead@aol.com.
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