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Reviews for the week starting on June 3, 1996

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Well, the summer movie season has begun again. I can't wait to see what pieces of work Hollywood has in store for us.

Twister (1996)

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The first major film of the summer, Twister is a throwback to the disaster films of the 70's. It follows a group of stormchasers (led by Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt) as they track down half a dozen twisters in the Tornado belt of the Midwest. The purpose of this is to set up a device inside the Tornado, that will be able to predict the path of the twister and enable weathermen to warn the residents in the area sooner than usual.

Where's Dorothy when you need her? The special effects and action sequences are good, but they are too far apart and too few between. That leaves us with dumb acting, idiotic characters and a useless script. Of course, it's become a big hit in the past few weeks, but still, I haven't met anyone who says they actually liked it! If you've got nothing better to do then lay on the couch at home, picking your nose, go ahead and see this movie.

My Rating = Two Stars



Here are three films on video and/or laserdisc.

Santa Sangre (1989)

Santa Sangre
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If Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch had combined their skills to direct Friday The 13th, it would come out something like this Mexican horror film from Alejandro Jodorowsky. It follows the life of Fenix (played by Jodorowsky's elder son Axel as an adult and his younger son Adan as a child) through two traumatic periods.

First, it shows his life as a "The World's Youngest Magician" in a traveling circus. His drunken father (Guy Stockwell) is a knife-thrower and his mother (Blanco Guerra) a religious fanatic. Stockwell is having an affair with the seductive Tattooed Woman (Thelma Tixou), while Jodorowsky is falling in puppy love with a beautiful deaf-mute (portrayed as a youngster by Faviola Elenka Tapia), Tixou's adopted daughter. This part of the story ends in bloodshed, when Guerra finds out about her husband's affair and attacks him. It results in Guerra's arms being cut off, Stockwell slitting his throat and Tixou running off with her daughter.

The second half follows the murderous adulthood of Jodorowsky, as he becomes his domineering mother's "hands" in order to cause unspeakable acts of violence. However, he finds the deaf-mute girl (now played by Sabrina Dennison) and wishes to run away from his violent life. His mother will not allow such a thing to happen. Who will win in the end?

There are Echoes of Psycho throughout the story. It's truly a bizarre one and not for everyone's taste. However, the amazing acting abilities of the two Jodorowsky's, a story with plenty of great plot twists and luxurious cinematography make this a movie that will surly stick out in your mind.

My Rating = Four Stars


The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Hills Have Eyes, The
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A popular cult horror flick, this story revolves around a typical American family, being terrorized out in the Nevada desert by cannibalistic mutants. One of Wes Craven's earliest films, he adds a suspenseful touch to a story that would have been just another dumb B movie. The acting is not bad for it's type and the desert settings add for some fright. It is a gruesome tale, but the morbid half of me says that you should probably check it out.

My Rating = Three Stars


The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1985)

The Hills Have Eyes Part II
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An incredibly mindless sequel, to a movie that didn't need one. The first one was really original. This one is just the same old, same old. Once again, a group of people get trapped by the deranged mutants in the desert. And once again, they have to use every last survival instinct they've got. Amazingly, this was done by the director of the original film: Wes Craven. However, it looks more like Ed Wood took it out of Craven's hands. For the love of humanity! Go at your own risk!!

My Rating = One Star


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