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Grady Zeolkowski


Vernon, BC, CA

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Grady Zeolkowski

Fighting for sweet suicidal sanctuary
But bound to the ominous present
And shackled to the blood-thirsty vengeance of the past
Is there any harmony in the unseen future
Lost in the faceless sea of inhumanity
Ostracized and brutalized in a civilized society
Abused by the system of democratic freedom
Voiceless in a country born on free speech
And poor in the land of capitalistic dreams
Singing the sweet praises of suicidal sanctuary

Aphrodite's Aphrodisiac


Grady Zeolkowski

Into the sheets you fade forever
Clinging to a shard of ecstasy
Thrashing convulsions riddle the torn body
A nightcap of sensuous stimuli
Aroused from dank slumber
To encounter preying marble fingertips
Bittersweet fruit no longer forbidden
Skirmishes of libido-lusting
Penetrate infant cerebellums
Crass belligerance scantly roams unchecked
Hormonic unions penalized with severity
Self-righteous militants crash freedom rallies
Gratification stone-walled by genocide of choice