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Rae Zabeth


Toronto, Ontario, CA

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Rae Zabeth

My shadow leaps in bouncing light
And dances on the wall.
She chants a chorus loud in sight
But makes no sound at all.

A kinship lies between us two,
As with the night and day,
But I can watch the sun anew,
While she just fades away.



Rae Zabeth

walking pavement underneath my foot steps rustling trees in wind evolving thoughts that turn to pictures savoured from the night before in such a place i've never been with he who is my subject poses words and phrases that are incomplete yet always I want more imagine standing running sitting singing fighting cursing hitting all inside a fant'sy place where i have never been before i hear a bird begin to sing and i reflect on dreams that meant and mean so much that any ideas seen corrupt them I abhor so images live in my head and move the way i want them saying words i want to hear them say directly without metaphor I ask if it will ever happen and i know it never will and then my thoughts just fade away the moment that I reach the door.