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Theresa Yushkina


Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

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Melancholy Shoes


Theresa Yushkina

The shoes lay there
Barren without the flesh
lifeless they cling to the earth
Hoping for the acceptance within its sole.

Where did i go? What did I do?
Who used and discarded me while my death came near
Where are you, I am still here...
Here and yet nowhere...

Bruised and shamed i still wait.
The others pass me by with giggles and scorn,
They don't remember that they too shared this fate.

I don't blame them for it is better to forget
Melancholia is a sad place
the ambience only black and red
not even death would show his face,
while psychosis found her bed.

Like a coward who pretends not to see,
relief you withheld from me.

But i know that we shall walk again,
though mismatched and uncomfortable it would be,
through questions unborn,
answers we both seek.

lend me your feet,i need you please
though the journey may be long weary,
the perceived reward bitter-sweet,
though ultimately a forgiving relief.

And I shall once again move forward with joy and peace.

That which is mine


Theresa Yushkina

A home now I would like to keep,
a passion now that runs so deep.
I ask now,
as I do pray.
Where is my bed in this disarray?

I ask my soul to keep so pure,
A life that's swept upon the shore.
And in my infinite breath, I swear once more;
to live as once i had before

in careless hearts i beg once more,
the serpents breath at my door

choking on thick, and gushy red
I bled, I teared, I drenched my bed

But what of life? I ask of thee,
is it real, you'd be deceived
by ignorant glee

For birth is death, both friend and foe,
one cannot exist alone...
both happiness and pain is my distain.

oh darkness now i summon thee,
we live to die, is but the ephiphany

so ravage me now,
iradicate my limbs and flesh;
let me be in eternal rest.

I beseech and beckon thee,
in my hearts gratuity.
oh let me be,
oh let me be.
I am but the child,
born once more.