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Emiko Yoshimura


Osaka, Japan

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Emiko Yoshimura

My eyes are black, only black
I don't have a pupil in my eyes
So I can't focus

I bit finger before
But please don't take it badly
I can't see well

Dear master,
You sometimes forget to clean my place
You sometimes forget to give me food
Though you are kind

Oh! My goodness
I succeeded in escaping form here

At first
I was very happy
I was walking in the room
My steps were so light
I was, " Feelin' Groovy "

Oh! I can't believe it
You opened your eyes at midnight
I was picked up

The second time
I was hiding in an invisible place
I became hungry
A sweet smell of raisin bread
My nose is so delicate
I couldn't resist my appetite

I escaped twice
I was caught twice

Wow! I have a good idea
I'll keep some food in my cheek bags
And go out immediately

Oh! Yeah!!

I am a hamster
I am a Jiangarian hamster
who is named " Hannosuke "