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Loni Marie Yarnold


Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

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Loni Marie Yarnold

Heís winter and heís summer
He is time itself
Breath and death
Life and light
I know nothing else

Heís the long fingertips of morning
The humming of the sands
White Knight
Devilís child
Eternity in his hands

Heís the air at midnight
The time it takes to cry
A feathers touch
A death to mourn
The tear in a poetís eye

Heís everywhere and nowhere
A warrior and a friend
The riverís heart
The fireís dance
The screaming at the end

Heís silver like a soulís break
Black like a loverís sky
A fool , a king , a snowflake
A hundred reasons why

Heís the road to heaven
The reader of the rite
The killer
And the saviour
And the many eyes of night

Heís the quickness of a heartbeat
The kindness in a thought
A dream that lasts forever
And moonbeam
Never caught

Heís the seconds in forever
Heís the moment that you die
The God amongst the ashes
And the comfort when you cry

He is everything and nothing
The beginning and the end
My lover and corruptor
My enemy and friend

Heís the watcher at the window
The secret that I keep
The mask I wear
The words I write
My breath when Iím asleep

Heís nowhere and heís always
Heís nature and heís man
The eternal light
The tampered flame
My footsteps when I ran

Heís a smile away from laughing
A single step from hell
An eternity of hope
And the ocean in a shell