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My life
Without you.

Stumbling about my life
All I can think about is you.
Remembering the things you said
Three words in particular ...
Please keep faith.

Hmmmm ...

Please keep faith.
And faith once came so easy!
It was a natural place to be.
But time has seen hope ...
Turn to waiting ...
Reluctantly dissolve to disappointment.
Faith waning to a whisper.
A lone leaf, I guess
Trembling on a once flourishing tree.

Please keep faith.

Wishing so hard I could reach you,
Yet having to know my place.
Not wanting to jeopardise things
Each time a contemptuous smack in the face.
Guess I'll just have to wait ...
Then a sinking feeling in my heart
As history sadly shakes its head.

Please keep faith.

My life without you
Teetering in freefall,
Like a deathless bereavement
No flowers, no service ...
Just alone.
All I know is that I love you.
It's like finding a rock in unruly waters ...
Bracing my heart and hanging on
Wishing my love gave me a choice.