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Ignatius Writealo


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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The River


Ignatius Writealo

Could I but find a river clear
upon a meadowed valleys flow.

Id build a lovers' cabin dear,
where you and I could make our home.

A roof Id thatch of river reeds,
to cap you from the winter rain.

Fresh fish Id catch from river pools,
So we could eat and love again.

A window framed in river shade,
where you could rest in heat of day.

Your body blessed by river breeze,
whilst I, the worker, am away.

From fleece of lamb by river bred,
a coat for me with love youd make.

With grain of wheat by river grown,
with song our bread youd daily bake.

A son for me my name to grace,
a sturdy lad by river grows.

To laugh and swim to work and play,
to liven up our river home.

And now at last our lives are spent,
this haven that our river knows.

Our son his wife and children fair,
lay us to rest our memories share,
with love that like a river flows.