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Buds And Woofer


Birmingham, England, UK

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Warm Rain....


Buds And Woofer

Soft falls the rain
A new world takes its form..
mists caress the landscape
As cool air meets with warm.
Each blade of grass, each leaf
thirsts for life anew..
Turgid now and verdant
vigorous, fresh, like you.
Ephemeral streams burst into life
as waters run away..
Fresh colours for the river
for fishermen to play.

We look on....

Water runs along your hair
darkening its hue..
Tracing, caressing contours
the flow at one with you.
Your nose, your lips are wet now
clothes clinging to your frame..
As I lean in, to steal a kiss
I whisper 'Kiss The Rain'.
We share this joy together
Caressed, cleansed, brand new..
My world held tightly in my arms
as soft falls the rain.