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Stan Wong


San Diego, CA, US

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Cardialgia and Sometimes Pygalgia


"A Pain in the Heart and Sometimes a Pain in the Rear"


Stan Wong

The first one is a sort of start
In which the knees are shaking
Add to that a pounding heart
And your body's truly quaking.

Short of breath and short of voice
You choke out "I love you"
And without another, better choice
She says "I do too"

This one usually doesn't last
(With time your anger will soften)
But still this happening of the past
Occurs again, and often.

For this is the tale of Cupid's darts
From which all loves ensue
And though his actions join some hearts
His aim is hardly true.

And so lacking guarantees
Please grant me this assurance--
To guard my heart and frail knees
Sell me love insurance.

My Future Occupation


Stan Wong

When I was young, one day my dad
Said "Son, what shall you be?
I hope you've given this some thought
For you will soon be three!

You're quite a special prodigy
So you should reach fruition
And be a truly wealthy guy--
A lawyer or physician."

I lacked my father's certainty
And so instead I chose
To be a baseball man for life--
An Aaron or a Rose.

But then in high school I did wish
To be an ump and call 'em
Or perhaps the People's Judge--
Wise and very solemn.

But now I know that money talks
Louder than a job does
So I'll make money--lots and lots
More than that Hope, Bob does.

I'll steal money--LEGALLY--
And be a great success
As a special kind of crook--
The guy from I.R.S.