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Bethany Wolf


State College, PA, US

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Sickenly True


Bethany Wolf

People all too often simply try
to look through other peole's eyes
just to
get another look at themselves...



Bethany Wolf

time is often synonomous with patience and it is only a matter of time until
one finds the
place where the comfort of being by one's self is a nonperishable feeling. the
development of this patience in an individual is difficult to muster, and
nearly impossible
to muster identical patience with another's soul. when the comfort is found
between two
souls, no worries exist for the matter that the patience it takes to
establish the comfort
always exhauts the time to follow.

Suddenly Stolen


Bethany Wolf

i had myself
made of my bones
contained by my skin

i had my mind
made my decisions
contained my thoughts

i had my eyes
saw my own views
contained my perceptions

i had my ears
heard lots of words
contained by listening

i lost myself
can't find my skin
contained by your possesive sole

Sly Sky


Bethany Wolf

le ciel qui est content
le ciel qui n'est pas innocent
les nuages qui sont devenues
le ciel qui perds le bleu
la pluie qui arrive
la secherasse qui termine
les gouettes qui sont tombees
le terre qui est mouille
les pieds qui ne promenent
les cours qui s'arettent
le monde qui est immobile
la pluie qui n'est pas gentille