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Without me my world ends


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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At midday {it always will}



The stars are falling from the sky
And I spin like it wont end tomorrow
at midday
When I know inside my soul

It will

be somehow just possible to let go
and fall on down
because as soon as you fall
the sun draws you in
and the water

It will

elapse your face
In coolness but somehow
in agony and power
I dont want it to fool me like it does
not wanting the sky to turn to dusk
at midday
when you have lost control

It will

steal you away from what you believe
The people that care
Prove your fears
and let them be known
to the world like

It will

For one day of freedom
Tell me dear, is it
worth it
Is it the way you need to it to end
at midday
when the tears sting your eyes

It will

Or would it be OK
to let it fade away
Or die into dullness
at midday
like it always