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Rosemary Wilson


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Rosemary Wilson

She cried, ĎOh wherefore art thou loving one,
That you have left me out here in the sun?
I burn, I burn, I burn for you my darling,
And yet youíve left me so alone and weeping.
Why, why, must I cry for you my beloved?
When there is naught for me the broken-hearted?
I know, know you love me not again and again,
It is just my life, an Australian Tragedienne.
Oh that you would take me again in your arms,
Oh my lover, my Omar Khayyam, Khayyams.
Leave me not out in the hot desert sands,
But take me to, to the Land of Ferdinands,
Oh where the bulls charge and the crowds will roar,
As a Toreador to feel the heat no more.
Let me be high in the cooling breeze,
In the Andes off driving with the Marquis.
Donít leave me to perish in this sunís heat!í
And, they covered her body with a white sheet.

The dream run.


Rosemary Wilson

Twas just before the race when old Bill did declare the winner,
But not one friend heeded his words; he was not a big gambler.
The entire he said would come first over the line was called Brandy,
Was owned and is trained by that Harness Racing driver, Soul Sandy.

They came up to the mobile ready, the front line all pacing well,
The favorite Gotly 50 metres back as the crowd let out a yell.
"They've got away in an even break," the racecaller said with glee,
"And Gotly's closing the gap, that magnificent son of Dundee."

"Mac's leading, Larry's Son pacing outside him no cover,
Jerman in the death seat, More, Flaming Harry and then Lover.
The Bandit Boy's out four wide, Gotly makes a move from the back,
He's five wide, around them, has taken the lead from Mac."

He slowed the field right down, that driver on the favorite,
As around they went again with the pace called only moderate.
Brandy's driver sat quietly, the race was not run well for him,
Locked in on the rail, he needed more than good luck to win!

The final lap bell went, with the pace well on as they quickened up,
Gotly led them into the straight with punters yelling "Giddy up!"
Now they were just the very words that Brandy was trained to hear,
As Soul let out the hopples Gotly felt a shiver of fear.

A split opened between two horses and Brandy went on through,
Just as Gotly's shiny cart came adrift, his harness all ascew.
Brandy was first over the line ahead of Flaming Harry,
Next came Bandit Boy out three wide driven by a young Barry.

"We protest!" the big angry crowd roared as 'all clear' was called.
Old Bill walked away with a fortune, the bookies well walled.
"Now you wouldn't listen to me," was all that Bill had to say
" I told you I dreamt the winner, I know nothing of horse-play."