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Berti Wilson


London, England, UK

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Berti Wilson

How many eyes will see these words
How many heads will turn and read
Where will I be found
Will I be found, will my words form the basis of your society
Or just form another bracket of wasted time
What effect can this have
If none then I may as well be gone
But the question will remain
Where will this be found

Top cat


Berti Wilson

My theory about my cap
Is that really its a gold crown
It gives me power
It help me clamber to the top
Its my sword its my staff
Its my attitude and craft

When I wear my jeans low I think nothing of it
But with my cap I'm always high
I feel like top cat
Behind my visor I witness the world
What I see and what I dont

Door to me


Berti Wilson

Have you ever opened a door
In your head!

Its a hotel up there
I like to visit as often as I can
You know what I like best?
The scenery, no where has better

Out of one window I'll be seeing the fields of jamaica
The sweet green harvest enveloping me

Next I'll be witnessing a club in East London
The Fabric of the red brick falling at my feet
The music pounding and being entranced by a siren

Everything at instant contact and able to be manipulated



Berti Wilson

You know what i like about the rain
It don't matter what group you come from
or think you come from
It don't matter what your your bank balance says
or what it doesn't

When it rains it rains on us all
So put down your umbrella and accept these drops of truth



Berti Wilson

Your laughs and tears
Your fights and fears
Nothing more nothing less

But in death these have no place

Your life is nothing more than your death
So drop a pill, spark a spliff, just have a thrill
Remember eternity is where we'll chill



Berti Wilson

"4 for a score" he spouted
The face like a plastic bag all white and crumbled covered in lines
He bounced the ball to me
I caught it, held it, shot it and retorted
"I can do better than that
I want more than just four"

The shade of his face the lines that cascaded it
You could tell,
He'd been playin for years he could juggle pills, lines baggies, shots, slots whatever you had in mind
He'd been here done that
He'd seen this and said that
He knew the deal but I had the score

The bag collapsed the lines shifted
"I can sort five for a score,
But seriously no more"
5 for 20 a result in a club a disaster among friends

But hey as I stood there I thought I need a high
I need to feel the pulse the beats can offer
I need to feel the rush which ignites the room
I need to feel like tonight could be my last bite
So I said "yeah I'll have em" and I took em
Damn they were shit!!!



Berti Wilson

My soul feels bound by chains
Chains of fear and expectation
Chains that are wrapped around my heart by those I love and hate
By those who fear the present, past and future
They make question myself
They make me think; where will I find my place on this world
Where is my patch of land in this field
My life feels like a gamble and I fear the unknown
Will I get a pair, a straight, a flush or four of a kind
But Fuck it Iíll embrace my destiny
Who am I to dictate where my journey will take me or end
I can only remove these chains by ignoring them
They do not exist except in my head
My soul is free to grow and sprouts leaves like a tree
Let me the jungle revolution begin with the first toke of my sin