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Robert Wilson


Weymouth, England, UK

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Why Bother


Robert Wilson

Why bother with you crooked ways,
You mind wash all your friends,
Let them in to your little games,
Push them out when they are broken.
I feel cheated, trapped, dispaired,
From all i used to know,
My love to you i had declared,
but no what did you do??
You chewed me up, spat me out,
chucked me on the pile,
Of discarded lives you ruined before,
Then you ran a mile.
Well this is it the last straw,
I've had enough of you,
Can't stand to see your beautiful face,
And all of this is true.
My feelings pour out in one foul swoop,
I can't hold back much longer,
Fallen down to build back up,
I will be back much stronger.
Don't hate me for this it's all you fault,
You should hate yourself instead,
I thought that it was all my fault,
I wished that i was dead.
So now you know how i've been thinking,
Abut you and me and us,
But why bother with a pathetic child,
I've got to catch my bus.