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Marcus Wilkinson


Leeds, England, UK

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The widower


Marcus Wilkinson

Over and over goes the mans mind
Turning back pages of ages declined
Turning back history again and again
Remembering the pleasure and sometimes the pain

Over the deep seas of memory he flies
Remembering the heartaches, the sorrow, the lies
Remembering the love, the touch, the taste
Remembering the trials and tribulations they faced

The scent of her hair as they played in the sun
In sweet joys of youth, how they had fun
Never believing that she’d break his heart
He promised to love her till death did them part

She was the one with his finest treasure
She was the one who loved beyond measure
And now she has left him alone and afraid
With a shallow reminder of the life they had made

But inside his mind the memories are there
All of the love and the feelings to share
Together they will be in this perfect bliss
Together forever in this faultless kiss