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Simon Wilkins


Melbourne, Victoria, AU

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Simon Wilkins

"I want to be a hippie and I want to get stoned"
Sings the radio in a voice which is too high
I lie on my bed and think of what I have to do
Then a thought comes to mind (you), and I think
and I write and I come to the conclusion that
fusion and and fission are not that important
It's really the atoms which are important but
more important is what's important to me...
But you see that what I think is important is
not what's important to the rest of the world.
Does that make it invalid or does it make me an
individual? Am I an invalid individual? Or could
being an individual make being important invalid?

"I want to get stoned on maraaaaaa- marawanna"
she goes on to say, while I pay for the ray from
the studio in LA, where the stay and play on their
keyboards and synthesisers...making the world
better for corporate misers. I hate this song,
I hate this life, but I go along, I "get a life"
I have a life, but life goes by, you can't hold on
its too agile, you can but grasp at passing moments
and hope their not the kodak kind...cause lifes
too short to not play hard or live in less than
brighter than bright colours more real than real
life or today/tonight, enhanced by the binary God
of information. My address can't be read, it's been
slashed in the head to read stuck//self-hating@insubordinate.
Superhighways with superbyways, passing by the winding
path of life, which no longer goes through Glenrowan,
but you can visit it for 35cents/min maximumoffpeakrate
Yes....I am stuck with a flat, with no RACV cover...stuck
stuck, stuck with a flat and all my God can do is say
10101101010101010000010" and don't tell me it doesn't