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Tahnee White


Darling Downs, Western Australia, Australia

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Always There


Tahnee White

Why is it, that even when the petals have fallen,
we still turn back.
Just incase there is a petal left,
still dangling.

The anticipation we feel everytime the phone rings, turns to disappointment,
yet we still listen in hope.

Waiting for the voice of the person we love, who has brought so much disappointment,
yet at the same time, managed to embed a tiny maybe into our heart, which prevents us from moving on.

The hurt we endure, each time our calls are left unanswered, each time we are not met at our intended destination.
It is still not enough to drain the love we feel from our hearts.

If only that one last petal could return to the flower, for the one we love to see, so that he may find inside himself, the key to commitment, so that he may be there for me, as I am for him.