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Latasha Y. White


Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan

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Are You There?


Latasha Y. White

Are you there when I shed my tears?
Are you there when I need to talk?
Are you there when I call?
Are you there when I need a hug?
Are you there when I just need someone to listen to me?
I know I'm well loved
I know I have my family
I know I'm not alone
But when I need them
Where are they?
Are you there?

The Young Man of My Dreams


Latasha Y. White

The man of my dreams
The man of my prayers
The total package no one can compare
Thankful to God for him
Thankful for the time we share
With him there is no burden in my mind to bare
For what we have is true and divine
and I thank God that he is mine
He'll give me his last dime
Yes, you should know he must be fine
Our loving parents care for us not to stay out no later than "nine"
His hands are strong as well as mild
His eyes are full of life
His lips are filled with wisdom
His ears are sensitive to my tender call
He is true, pure, and makes me smile
His mind is focused
When I am down
He tells me to trust in GOD
And he'll always be around
I could go on
But there is no need
Because GOD gave me
The Young Man of My Dreams