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Betty J. White


Magalia, CA, US

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Santa's Gift


Betty J. White

It snows! It snows!
Santa knows!
The wind blows sculptured drifts,
flakes dance on toes
dressed in lace.
A rosy glow
upon my face,
I jump and race
with imagined grace
across the field.
My beagle pup
chases me
with unconcealed delight,
ears flying, flopping,
she's crazily hopping
scooping bites of snow.

The field so clean and new
sparkles diamond white,
unmarred by human shoe
in brand new morning light.
Pine tree boughs bow down
in awe of heaven's treasure.
Who knew this gift of nature
would give me so much pleasure.

Back home before the fireplace,
content, snuggled up,
hands wrapped round a warming cup,
my world is now in place.

I Want to Kick the Dog


Betty J. White

I want to stand on top of
the Empire State Building
and beat my breast and scream
like King Kong in frustration.
I want to hear the echo of my agony
through towering cliffs of the
Grand Canyon, bouncing off rocks.
I want to run like Mercury
with silver wings upon my heels
through tempestuous clouds and thunder.
I want to insulate myself
with silk cocoon from arrows
flung by pygmies at my heart.
I want to be alone, but not alone
somewhere else and here
someone else, and me.

Missing in Action


Betty J. White

I want to pluck out
your empty eyes
to see
if anyone's inside.
I want to slap away
your senseless stare...
Wake Up!
Is anybody there?
I want to open
your mouth
and stretch your lips
to resemble
impish grin again,
now gone.
I want to shake
your body,
arrange your limbs
in familiar style.
Behind frozen face
who took your place
and left me all alone?

Bitter End


Betty J. White

I don't think
I like you anymore,
Old Man.
You exude hate.
Your convoluted mind
is blind to mankind.
Self pity shrouds
your drying husk.

Once I might have
nursed you
in your old age,
but now your rage
has stifled any warmth
I might have felt.
I can only look
upon your shriveled
with cold eyes
and curt goodbyes.
I'll not mourn your death
but consider it
an ease of breth
when you depart.