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Lloyd E. Whimp


Mississauga, ON, CA

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Ruler Of The Universe


Lloyd E. Whimp

O' Thou who created all
The birds of the air,
And the beast's that roam
Thank You for thy tender care.

O' Thou the master of mankind
Who on the cross did die,
And three days later rose again
From the grave where thou did lie.

O' Thou who rules the universe
And on earth you let us live,
When we may wander from the path
You are always ready to forgive.

Hold My Hand


Lloyd E. Whimp

Come take my hand
And guide me on my way,
Take my hand and be there
Lest I stumble here today.

Come take my hand my darling
And we will walk on down lifes road,
As we go we will sing a song
It will lighten up our load.

Come hold my hand sweetheart
For time is slipping by fast,
For I need you there to hold me
For my life shall soon be past.

I have loved you for many years
You were the only one for me,
So as my life does drain away
My love your face I want to see.

Lloyd E. Whimp

This Is My Home


Lloyd E. Whimp

In Canada we proudly live
So beautiful and free,
We show the world that we are brave
A place to live for you and me.

This land is our beautiful home
It stretches out from sea to sea,
From the USA To Hudson Bay
This land is the land for me.

Oh come and see our country fair
Our valley's and mountains grand,
Underneath blue skies, our flag flies
Here we take our faithful stand.