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W. H. Whelan


Leeds, England, UK

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THE LAKE (of Hopes and Fears)


W. H. Whelan

Well you've had time to think
Now you are at the lakes brink
The Lake of "Hopes and Fears"
Each of its ripples is one of your years.

Take a deep breadth before you begin
Before you cast your hopes in.
Are you ready and prepared for your lot?
Go ahead, toss your hopes into the watery pot.

The water begins to move and the ripples form
The first ripple is when you were born.
Each wave has with it an image of you
And it shows the emotions you went through.

Your life moves along and disappears
As each ripple dissolves another one of your years.
It's near the present time, so watch and beware
For the key to your happiness resides there.

One romance begins and ends on the lakes shore
As the water undulates more and more.
You see the love and feel the pain
Let that ripple go, watch again.

There the ripple you want most is made
You want to touch it, go into the water and wade.
But you stop and watch the emotions unfold,
Observe the images and the happiness held.

What you see brings a smile to your face
You close your eyes and remember a place
And you recall, not so long ago
How happy you felt and wouldn't let her go.

And your thoughts changed became sober
For you know why it's over
You had to make a choice
You lost your happiness, as you lost your voice.

You couldn't decide which way to go
You became alone again, like so long ago
You wavered and your chance passed by
Since then, you only ask yourself why?

Quick, now your chance is offered by the lake
Take it, don't make the same mistake
Eyes opened, but you cannot see
The ripple which would have set you free.

Once again you lingered, didn't take the offer
So you must now endure your lot and suffer
"Faint heart never won a fair maid"
This saying is true but you were afraid.

The ripples have gone, as you mostly feared
Your hopes of re-kindling past happiness has disappeared
So walk away from the lake
And live out your mistake.

Flickering Flame


W. H. Whelan

The 13th September 91 was the first time
The 2nd May 95 was the last time,
That you lived as my wife.
You went to Paul, you walked out of my life.
Inside I knew there was something wrong.
I realized you had left, you were gone.
I packed your bags, something I'd never done before,
Because I knew this time for sure.

On the 3rd May you came for your things
You didn't want caressing or anything.
You were determined you were doing right.
I believed you were and didn't put up a fight.
I just stood and stared at a stranger just passing through.
You had no emotion for me, you were decided on what to do.

The door closed and darkness descended.
Gone was the girl I married and befriended.
Gone was the love of my life.
Gone forever the image of my wife.
I didn't cry, no, not one tear.
I thought you would return to me here.
To the man who had made you happy.
But on Sunday you went to live at Hove near the sea.

When you left, I gave you a letter
And having read it, I hoped all would be better.
But no, you still travelled to your destination.
Leaving me behind to live in isolation.
I hoped with each passing day,
Over the phone I would hear you say,
"Bill it's not working, please can I come home.
So far it's not been said, Girl, I'm still alone.

I asked for a letter from you about me.
The letter came and bathed me in misery.
Our love you said was like a candle flame burning.
Fiercely in the beginning, both of us yearning,
The other for love and company.
But the flame flickered and died and killed your love for me.
I didn't know although I really cared.
You didn't expose your thoughts, left them bared.

What you have done, I understand.
Love is not ours to master or command.
We just let it carry us on its way.
Stranding us, wherever it may,
To stand up and fight for true romance.
Hoping nothing has been let to chance.
No hidden pitfalls to hinder happiness.
Geraldine enjoy your love and its every caress.

Love Is A Thought


W. H. Whelan

Love is a thought, a chemical imbalance
Loneliness is solitude and company is a chance.
It's easier to win the jackpot on the lottery
Than find someone and be eternally happy.

You have left and I have a chemical reaction
Nothing I feel can give me satisfaction
But you are not my heart nor my blood
Nor my food, this part is misunderstood.

People die at some one's leaving
Tears falling, painful grieving,
Just for thoughts in the mind
Love is so artificial and unkind.

Someone should study the meaning of love
As I think it is rated way above
The word it really means, "Caring".
The act of enjoying, helping and sharing.