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Lee Cheng Wei


Singapore, Singapore

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Ode to My Sweetest Love


Lee Cheng Wei

O, Perfection, Perfection
My bittersweet love-
Such unblemished beauty,
To all your suitors.

Who chase, and chase-
For you're so illusive,
And all we see,
Is your tainted beauty.

O, Perfection, Perfection,
You're almost like a dream,
That never comes true.
And yet some of us are born-

To wait, and wait, for you,
On you. For you flirt, and tease,
Like a tart, yet remain untouched-
So pure, so desirable.

Keep Running


Lee Cheng Wei

Run, run, keep running,
Having begun I keep going,
Stopping is not an option.
Pain fades with patience.

Run, run, for my life,
With endophins I feel alive.
Nowhere but ahead I keep my eye,
Cars are passing and I-

Run, run, to avoid.
That path destroyed.
The spirit seemingly dead,
But needs to trudge ahead.

Run, run, keep running,
Made to begin I must keep going.
Stopping is not an option,
Pain is unkind, but love has patience.