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Peter Watson


Calgary, AB, CA

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A sweet darkness rises from the mist


Peter Watson

A sweet darkness rises from the mist
and I squint my eyes blinded by this bliss
the power that swallows up the light
has some how come and swallowed me tonight

the world seems good, right, real, I finally feel,
I belong, I am cemented around the edge
solid foundation, pillars against wind
but blowing and eroding is coming from within

I try to shield, the outside dark coming from within
wall after wall nailed, still the creeping comes in
slithers through the crevices slides past my defence
bites through a whole beginning the implosion of sense

I wish that I was not dying tonight
swallowed in darkness, hidden from the light

I hate the lies I have to tell when I'm with you


Peter Watson

I see you look out across the sun stroked land
watching the golden fields sway simple stands
as I see the sun set folding down
your eyes catch mine dreams collide fears subside, drown'd

Fears that I never mention around you
worries so deep they drive spikes into my heart
I hate the lies I have to tell when I'm with you


I too see the fields eternal sway
I fear no rain, it comes, fears pass away
The dark clouds grimace that could be it for the year
luckily they by pass someone else's tears

The lines on my face grow long as these nights
they stretch and etch hide fears deep within
the crevices grow deep hidden from your light

Sometimes I wish I could take you with me
hold you so still so you see what I see