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Sarah Ward


Coolbellup, Western Australia, Australia

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Haunted Evermore


Sarah Ward

Sitting napping by the fire sat I, Count DeMoure. I woke to hear the mournful sound of tears splashing on thy floor.

'Tis just the nightime wind' I quoth, 'whistling through thy door'. 'That is all it is' quoth I, 'that and nothing more'.

The sad wailing increased, its volume louder and louder still. Echoing of every window sill.

'Its nothing but the wind' said I, 'that and nothing more, causing all this trickery' said I, beginning to panic more.

I reached for thy candle and approached thy chamber door. I turned thy brass handle and came face to face with Lenore.

There she was, sobbing on thy hallway floor, then she started fading and she was there no more.

I froze in awful horror, she'd disappeared once more. My one truthful love, my darling dear Lenore

The one from four summers ago who'd left me on my own, my darling love Lenore had left me all alone.

'I'm seeing things,' said I 'I must need more sleep', so I went into my chamber to lay down on thy suite.

As I turned around after closing thy chamber door, I saw the dreaded figure, the figure of Lenore.

'Why must you haunt and hurt me ever so? Take thy sword from thy heart, take it out and go'.

She looked at me simply and whispered haunting words, words that held me to the spot, words I'd never heard.

'Rest calmly in death my sweeting, for we are loves first meeting'.

'Take thy sword from out thy heart', I bellowed out once more. She did not move but spoke again more frightening than before.

'Rest calmly in death my sweeting, for we are loves first meeting'.

I lunged at her in anger, I was madder than before. She moved away laughing and I landed on thy floor.

I looked up in time to see her fading to thin air, tears rolling down her face and onto her jet black hair.

'No! you cannot go again' I cried in awful vain

'I'd fight a runaway bull for you and endure the liberal pain'.

'Rest calmly in death my sweeting' she repeated once again. This frightened me even more by the powers of ten times ten.

'No! you cannot leave me again' I felt apt to cry. 'For together our love binds us and we are the earth and the sky'.

'Rest calmly in death my sweeting, you shall ever rest on thy floor' and she was then no more.

From that day to this, I've sat on thy chamber floor, haunted by the love I lost, haunted by Lenore.

Haunted Evermore.