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Sarah Walters


Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Sarah Walters

Crying eyes I hear your sorrow
Echo in the depths of hollow
Restless soul be still once more
The hand of fate will draw its sword

Aching heart I feel your need
Growing from the sown seed
Doubtful mind be rest assured
Love shall reap its own reward

Stricken child I see your pain
Struggle endlessly in vain
Shattered life show no despair
All is not beyond repair

Yellow Rose Of Jealousy


Sarah Walters

Yellow rose of jealousy, golden thorn of spite
Withered leaves of weakness shed upon fragmented pride
Musty scent of mystery, a clue to what had been
Once a bloom of beauty, which turned envious weed

The seasons keep on changing, each tell a different tale
How floral bursts of colour, outshine dull shades of pale
Entangled up in bitterness, harmful to the senses
Posions all around with the spurs of her defenses

Delicate surroundings no longer grace these plains
The baron lands lay dormant beneath a sky of grey
Among the shadowed twighlight the seeds of wrath begin
Their journey from her clutches to produce the new offspring

Kin of contamination born to wreak revenge
A legacy ensuring what before shall be avenged
Tainted youth in mourning bear the scorn of her demise
Yellow rose of jealousy, golden thorn of spite...

Tender Grace


Sarah Walters

From thy womb, lay thou head
Of tender grace upon thy breast
Ethereal infant bingeth mercy
Unto thine mothers earthly body

Sacred bounty, thou art given
Angelic gift sent forth of heaven
Be tender grace of thy beloved
The blessed twine with which to bind us

To sleep now resting weary wings
Forsake not tender grace of glory
To yonder realm of peaceful slumber
Spirits divine shall await ye there....

If Only In A Daydream


Sarah Walters

This night I watch birds flying east
and listen to the whip of bamboo swaying
A child plays in the distance of my mind
Hammering the beat of my weathered heart
The evening current blows at my back
Willing me to remember your departed face
If only in a daydream

I close my eyes, allowing grooves of distinction
to guide me along a furrowed path of revival
Where the same opulent pools of crystal familiarity
which first gazed upon me, so many moons before
drank me , in all my youthful splendour
await reminiscence, if only in a daydream

The east has long since swallowed the birds
And the bamboo has now ceased to dance
Yet the current still carries a song of the past
As the child in my mind plays the drum of my heart
If only in a daydream___..

Asphalt Rain


Sarah Walters

Invigorating rainfall
upon volcanic asphalt
Refreshing pellets
permeate the humid air
Sanitising droplets
cleanse the tarmac
Only to slowly regress
creating effective
waning motifs
Lethargically declining
back to the furnace
To feverishly await
the coming monsoon

Aquatic Bliss


Sarah Walters

Vivid intensity
punctures the darkness
of my uncharted

Reaches me
in the deepest alcove
Drenching my thirst
of prolonged aridity

The allure of
beckons me toward
sapphire refuge

I revel in the abyss
of renewal
Awoken in the midst
of aquatic bliss.

Family Tree


Sarah Walters

CENTER>Family Tree
Father embeds the fertile earth
Mother prepares the expectant hearth
Baby stirs from the confines of warming
Father banishes the thought of conforming
Mother grieves for fatherless innocence
Baby unaware in the midst of oblivion
Father pays the dues of his ignorance
Mother fathoms the greater significance
Finding solace, release, relief
in the
Of a
Family Tree