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Angie Walker


Farmington, NM, US

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Ode to Hagar


Angie Walker

My toaster is my buddy.
My toaster is my friend.
If he keeps on toasting my bread,
Our time will never end.
I will empty his crumb box
I'll dust him everyday,
If he'll only let me know
He'll never go away.



Angie Walker

Things are just so messed up
Nothing is going right
Nothing is in color
It's all just Black and White
But I know that I have you
That I am thankful for
'Cause with you here by my side
It evens up the score.
With you everything is Gray
There is no choosing sides
Everything is perfect
Everyone is blind
I need you here with me
To help me see things through
Because if there is one thing I can depend on,
It's you.