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Eric T. Wagner


Spangdahlem, Germany

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She Would Be


Eric T. Wagner

A long time ago, it seemed,
Yet not so far away,
I looked into another's eyes
And knew not what to say.

How I longed so much to hold her,
To take her hand in mine.
We'd run away to another place...
Oh, the love that we would find!

Together we would sit,
Talking of the past.
Time would just stand still,
But the days went by so fast.

Her fingers touched my face,
She gave me just one look.
It was a single, simple gesture,
But that was all it took.

Living Conditions


Eric T. Wagner

Canvas for a roof,
A zipper for a door.
I set my luggage down
On the "sturdy" wooden floor.

Sitting in the corner
That cot would be my bed.
It was only four feet long...
What about my head??

One blanket and a sheet,
Something wasn't right.
Am I supposed to sleep here
For one hundred-eighty nights?

What about the bathroom?
I have to walk how far?
Sure, you must be joking!
Where's my rental car?

The shower's over here?
I'm amazed that we've got those!
Finally, I'm saved...
Is that a garden hose?

What's that horrible noise?
The flightline! That's not cool.
Mom and Dad were right:
I should have gone to school.



Eric T. Wagner

Ich bin doch kein schwanz und mach jetzt gleich an tanz
drum lass mich jetzt doch rein und sei nicht so ein schwein
Hose runter beine breit kartoshka ist ne kleinigkeit