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Olga Vysotskaya


Minsk, Belarus

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Olga Vysotskaya

As I am rising into the air, the fear embraces me with his clumsy paws
He crawls inside me slowly and cowardly, betraying my arrogant bravery.
As I am looking down, at the distancing gardens infused with dewy gauze
He secretly switches places with my essence, so filling and so unsavory
And I start my trembling wonder_

About the fate of dishonored Pilate, the doomed procurator of the early Judea -
Will I, like him, on the other side suffer from everlasting severe headache?
About the melting wings of Icarus_ But suddenly, my breath is becoming rare,
I feel that the plane mimics my quivering; all six senses are fully awake
Recognizing the sounds of thunder_

Stuck, equally close to the Gods and the Earth, I pray for somebody's forgiveness
Lifelessly-grey and moist are my eyes with this fright's all-consuming presence.
Finally, the clear view of the airport reluctantly scares away my stiffness;
I tolerantly accept my soul back, being so grateful for this returning balance
Of life.