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St Antoine De La Vuadi


Kinshasa, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Of The Congo

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Kiss Me Again


St Antoine De La Vuadi

Last time that you kissed me
I lost my mind for a while
but the feeling was so smooth
and I dreamt of your lip.

I know that you love me
Many more than an entire mile
Your saliva cleans my tooth
It is my preferred and personal dip.

Every time that you kiss me
I go beyond the feeling
To look for the original me
Whose life you made rising.

How dancing was I,
How tremulous was I,
How foolish I felt,
How strange I felt.

Going throughout my past
I have found that particular cast
And its passion is now back
As the strongest, the purest attack.

The image smells untouchable
but the desire is unbreakable
I want tou to do it again
My supu, please, kiss me again.