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Edgar G. Villan


Paranaque City, Philippines

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Ecological Interface


Edgar G. Villan

barren porch, empty rocking chair
bathed by the fading light of the setting sun
cool breeze disturbs the few dry leaves
fluttering gently into swirling weaves

rhythmic beat of the keyboard pad
shrill screeches of the dot-matrix printer
swishing of the glass sliding door
slamming of the steel cabinet's drawer

birds chirping above a sturdy tree
ants lining up towards an earthen mound
a hidden flower lost in a sparse grass ground
dew-moisted bushes moving with the air currents

cars racing the highway tracks
people crossing the busy streets
noisy chatter and laughter in the marketplace
jackhammers pounding in a construction site

nature ordains man's intellect and bids him return
to the wanton healing flow towards man's heart
yet man's techno-skills drifts him further apart
isolated from others, alienated from self



Edgar G. Villan

the wind disturbs the gently falling leaves
which eventually cover the dew-laden ground
the cold breezes here don't seem to understand
love's furnace burned here once upon a time....

the desert sands scorched the wanderer's feet
above heaven's eye stared with blazing heat
not even once has it ever stopped to think
how forlorn hearts die of freezing death...

nature witness humanity's alienation to it
languishing in passions of un-gratified need
yet largely unknown from recesses within
the Ultimate Meaning bids gently ...come in....