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Melanie Vandam


Surrey, BC, CA

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My inner child


Melanie Vandam

I keep my inner child with me where ever I may go ,
In case I need to play or run around so the real me doesn't show ,
I'm so afraid to show you the real me ,
Afraid of what this child would do ,
To show loving young innerchild fun ,
Maybe she is spoilt and immature ,
Some people see her as an angel with wings,
Children guided by god to make my spirit bright,
I am still afraid you'll laugh at me, or say mean things .
I am also with this desease ,
Multiple Sclerosis without a cure .
I'm afraid I might lose you too,
I may even forget you for a moment ,
I'd like my inner child to play and remove all my insecurities to you ,
To show you the real true me ,
I would want you to understand ,
I need you to accept what you see .
I may roll , jump or crawl around , eventually tumbling down, and down.
To learn to climb again and to only take one more step ,
I may even fall down allot and disconnect from you ,
I am still thinking and praying for all of you,
My bare-naked, chubby innerchild is waiting to laugh and dance with
you ,
I'd like my inner child to play and remove all my insecurities for you .
If you still like what you see , hold out your hand my friend and dance
with me ,
I'll spin you around and turn directions in a blink of an eye .
Laughing lovingly has been fun , maybe fun for you too?
Healing my innerchild has been intimate,and while hugging her tight ,
I whisper her loving name for those who want to hear,
Millicent Megan ,
Healing has not always been easy or with a smile on my face ,
Taking turns flying and dancing with you,
This has been a fun interlude not a total mystery ,
Who are you really?
Tears and sweat pore down my cheeks ,
For I have loved dancing with you ,
Friendship is pure as gold and that means all of you .

My inner-child finishes the dance by bowing her head in prayer ,
Ending dance in curtsy for you ,Thank You .
Lets ride this super information highway together ,
Hold on tight for I might loose you ,
Like a Ray of light I'm gone ,
Thanks for loving me ,
Friends encourage me towards health and happiness ,
Friends please let me keep my inner child with me always
until I can love me to .