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Ilhan Uysal


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Ilhan Uysal

Orange as orange juice,
Tastes mouth-watering,
Really crunchy,
Soft as a pillow,
Icy cold,
small pieces going down.
Want another bite.
Reminds me of a fruit shop.

The World Around Us Today


Ilhan Uysal

The world is very complicated,
Many crimes occur that are duplicated,
The world today is very steroeotypical,
Most of these people are hypocritical,
This is not an ideal world, i dream of

I have seen many people make fun of religion,
But why, why in this close net region,
Religion is the most important thing of all,
But as i look i can see money crawl

People talking behind backs,
This is nothing new, waiting for people to crack,
The world today is full of politics,
These are all triggered by clever tricks

Be careful people of the world,
You will face tougher tests yet to come,
Just remember your values are not dumb