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Jukka Uhlgren


Oulu, Finland

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Jukka Uhlgren

In the Dark
You went
Ahead of me

I was so eager
to exit this path
I had taken
To hasten
My fall

You kept me on
my twining path,
showing light
when I was sure
I would be lost
In this maze
of self-pity

I lived through
the darkest hours
of my life
with you by my side
Your advice soothing me
Taming me, like the
mad beast I was

Now I feel
that the endless night
has come
Taken your light away from me
I feel lost from the path of life
I yearn to come home

Alas, I cannot follow you
My life has been bound
with the wows I gave you

I will not end my life
Nor hasten it
I must see what is reserved
for me in the years to come

In the years to come...
I will miss your presence
Need your guidance more than ever
Godfather to my son,
My brother,
I love you