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Michael Tully


London, England, UK

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Man of Steel


Michael Tully

The Man of Steel he cannot stay
He said he had to fly.
He has to save a Universe,
Well at least he said he'd try.
So busy with this world of ours,
After putting wrongs to rights;
He discovered to his horror
That he had to wash his tights.
His nails they need a pedicure,
And he had to cut his hair,
His cloak it needed ironing
And his knickers had a tear.
His boots they are immaculate
When he's standing on his points;
But must avoid that Kryptonite-
It play's havoc with his joints.
He's bored at being a,Super Man
And know he's 'Heaven Sent'.
He wants to be that other man;
His soul mate,
Clark Kent.