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Airdrie, AB, CA

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Dismember and Render



Its strange how my heart can change,
You into an angel of death and love,
How a few words can quickly derange,
A frightful raven from a fair dove,
Both pecking and mind and soul,
Ripping me apart while making me whole,
Do I do this to myself, or you to me?
Was it there before, or did you make me see?
All the emptiness I feel, did you create?
Was I too hopeful for some quirk of fate?
Will it last, become forevermore?
Change me fast, down to the core?
I hope that it does, that my heart is true,
Because if this isn't love than what will I do?
I never want to fall in love
I never wanted to fall in love
I'd rather be comfortably numb.
Blind to how I feel, deaf and dumb