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Frans Tooten


Tilburg, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

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Frans Tooten

At the first sight I am totally lost
The colors, wrapping, all is superb
Iím quivering, feeling like a twerp
Seeing my hands as if embossed

Unwrapping you is a lucid game
Bit by bit you present your shape
Till youíre just wearing your cape
Donít think Iíll bring you shame

I will open you with care and taste
For years I practised the tender touch
Studied the French way, not the Dutch
Know that your kind donít like haste

Oh God, your smell wafts in my nose
Watch it, restrain, donít go berserk
Or sheíll collapse, not make you perk
Do it with a hailnail, dose by dose

I have success, feeling great and fine
Your essence lingers on my tongue
You give me life, joy, wit and song
You seduce best, like a kingís wine