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Jonathan Tonna


Attard, Malta

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The feeling


Jonathan Tonna

Do you ever, in that split of a second's stare,
feel a sorrow that was not there?
You search for the balm,
in your heart
but not a soul will tell you where,
for they do not know.
The sorrow swallows sleet and snow,
for it is cold as the cold the skin can never know
and the beast will never feel,
for he does not feel how this world goes.
What sorrow? Might you ask?
I do not know



Jonathan Tonna

I am the wise man
who once gave talks and listened to ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs.’
The men would cower at the power of my word,
For I was the wise one who knew no bounds.
"Now now now now! Bind thine lips! Keep those teeth a-grit!
Love is blind, war is hell, the world began with crack."

What ho! What hey! Who comes here now?
Why, ugly, stout and tough.
Watch how he struts, that smile of smug and spite,
In stench outdoes the sow.
this man is base and beggarly he’ll hear
no wiser man than me.
I’ll give him word of wise and claim; "outdo
no counsel can’".

"what is beauty, truth and glee?
And ill have a thousand drachma for thee."
Alas I knew no answer.