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Dawn Tompson


Kingston, ON, CA

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A Beginning


Dawn Tompson

When I look at an open field,
it seems to me that there was no beginning;
no embryal state- no nothingness.
The trees seem to have always existed- just as they are,
hay sways to an eternal breath
and I wonder
if there is no true beginning can there ever really be an ending.
Can a love lost ever truly heal,
can a life completed ever die,
or does it all return in the wind, in the rain, in the soil
to be tilled anew by us unconscious of its value.
It seems to me there is a breath to life, a constant ebb and flow like a wave,
always receding and taking but returning always and again with new light and hope.
So as I see the tree ten feet high I can't help but think its spirit was always there ready to grow,
the child's heart was always there ready to beat,
the breath ready to breathe and we, we are here to grow, to beat, to breathe as those who follow us will do forever.