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Jeffrey V. Tolentino


Tarlac, Philippines

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Jeffrey V. Tolentino

Are surfaces enough to earn me love?
Will a brown wood-like eyes make me your need,
And an ivory-white skin name me your passion.
If so, how easy it is to be loved!
But, then, what would I require of you in return?

And are materials already enough too?
Will you favor them over my character,
When solely on character one is judged.
Or even over a mind that gives on claim to humanity?

Would you rather have all these
All these and none of any word,
Or any breath, or any movement
Or any part of my very soul?



Jeffrey V. Tolentino

Such a fair lady!
Heaven must've held you dearly
Long and dark, undulating hair
A set of deep, brown eyes
A tiny nose and pink lips
How must one love you?

You stand fragile like a tenuous early rose
And yet posses the high spirit of the hawk
Your soft voice awarded me bliss
Like an undertow pulling me down
Deep into the sea of madness.
One asks on what price



Jeffrey V. Tolentino

At what point must we stop
And listen to soft winds tell
Bittersweet stories of erstwhile times?

On rare lonely nights
Uninvited consciousness makes us
Name unnamed memories of
Childhood friends and games
And reclaim, only in mind,
A body both brave and innocent.

Time ticked and ticks one more away
Here we are: Awaiting unknown glories.
What had we done wrong that made us old?