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Allison Tobin


St.John's, NF, CA

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Friends Again ....


Allison Tobin

Yes we have our moments; big and small
But I will always be here to catch you if ever you fall
We'll laugh and cry, and cry some more
Never be afraid to knock on my door

What does not kill us will make us stronger
Which will keep us together longer
We'll start from the begining fresh and new
Just like the freshly fallin' dew

We will always be srtong and hold our ground
But we'll rock the party when we come around
We just connect we don't need a sound
A new friend in you is what I have found

A friend in you is what I really need
And i'm sure you'll make a great one indeed
You are here, here in my heart
Forever and ever until God forbid we part

And now as I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord YOUR soul to keep
To keep YOU safley through the night
And wake YOU with the morning light

Free to be Me


Allison Tobin

Why do you look at me that way
You stare at me almost every single day
Do you have something to say ?
To bad, you had that chance, that day

Do you think that by staring me down
will eventually put me in the ground
It won't I am not like you I am strong
And that is how I will get along

I never did anything wrong It was you
You act as if I have no clue
But I know, I was there to hear
I was there trembling with fear

You will not controll me
I am myself, I am free
I have opened my soul
It is about time I feel whole



Allison Tobin

When i walk down the road i wonder why
Why God had to take her why she had to die

when I needed her the most she was not there
God I really need my mommy I need her here

Why did you take her on that cold dark night ?
When the brakes gave out and we were forced to turn right

We hit a big truck and spun around
When I woke up she was on the ground

Now my tears roll down my cheeks as I recall her say
Never leave me behind, because you can take me with you every day

I took her along just as I promised I would
I tryed to stop the pain I did everything I could

But now I am at her grave
And I am a BIG girl I know how to behave

Because to day is the last time I see her face
In her best dress with lot's of frills and lace

As she is laid down to sleep
I pray to god her soul to keep.

my poem


Allison Tobin

what the hell
what the fuck
this is strange
i walked on a range
the end