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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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I'm That Guy


Alone With My Thought

Hi, I'm that guy. You know, the one you don't notice.
I'm the guy who sends you and 400 hundred other women on a dating site requests to atleast give me a try in and hope that atleast someone will not judge me on first impressions and actually get to know me.
I'm that guy that if you do add to your contacts, you don't talk to and if you do, its only ever one word replies even though you have stated in your profile you want someone who can hold a conversation.
I'm that guy who when I do ask you out, you will say 'sure but can we make it in the next couple of weeks, I'm kind busy right now.'
I'm that guy who will pay for dinner and try to talk to you while you look bored and waiting for enough time to pass that you can leave without feeling like you completely used me.
I'm that guy that ends up being your friend. The one you keep on the phone for two hours because you're bored and then you start telling all about the other guy you are with who treats you bad, but you keep going back to him.
I'm that guy who would do anything for you in the vain hope that one day you will feel the same way about me.
I'm that guy who will drive you to the airport.
I'm that guy who will end up hanging myself out of loneliness and at my funeral you will think 'poor guy, I wonder what was wrong?' then see a moarning friend of mine and think 'wow, he is cute, I'd do him.'

I'm that guy...