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Reet Thakur


Jammu Reasi, J%26K, India

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'New kosmos'


Reet Thakur

Deep in ' mare'
I look there
Met my geo mater
Rheo with Lum
seems as aster
Shed dark . . . . . . But some thing lark

A message to convey
For a new kosmos
where high 'doxa' of 'demos'.

Where we momos
with new begining
No malus tupos "PAN ARE ISOS".

Its hodos to sophia
'phileo ' that kind of kosmos
Where happily live Demos.

Other Goal


Reet Thakur

I never give myself up
In these walls
Wandering markets , cities
Metropolitian malls.

I 'free bird'
Ever heard
Voice of Heart ,
which never inert
My self -conciousness
Make me proud and bless.

That divine soul
Determine my goal
Listen that sound
Hidden but soul bound

Make leave world easy
otherwise WORLD BUSY
Remember your destination
Otherwise beat by 'Yama's assassination'.